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Our story


While working as fitness instructors at a wholistic health resort in Maine, Daniel and Charlotte Decker met, fell in love and began to plan their lives together. Charlotte was an aspiring young artist who had graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with honors. Daniel had studied art in school and graduated with a degree in advertising business before entering the health field.

In 1985 over a glass of wine in a small bistro in Portland, Maine, Daniel and Charlotte began formulating their plans to start a new business together that would combine their love of art with the fun of creating clothing designs. They would call this new business Two Lips Originals.

Within a few months, they received an opportunity to move to Washington state with their 2 small children. There they built their home in the Skagit Valley and began to manufacture their popular Two Lips hand-painted fleece wear sweatshirts, jackets and vests, selling them at local fairs and Pike Place Market in Seattle.

In 1999, they opened their women's boutique, Amaryllis, in LaConner. The original intent was to showcase their hand painted creations; however, the boutique took on a life of its own, and now offers a large selection of fabulous affordable lines from many designers. The selection now includes shoes, jewelry and clothing as well as Charlotte's original paintings. Located in beautiful downtown LaConner, Amaryllis has developed a loyal customer following from all over the state and beyond. We look forward to your visit!


Note: Charlotte also creates bold and beautiful paintings in oils and acrylic. To view her Paintings website,
click here.

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